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Some of our services are best described with bullet points and sales copy, but this is a service that is close to our hearts so the best way to describe it to you is with a case study:

2000px-MinistryofDefence.svgAfter 22 years military service I took up a management position within the Corporate Security Sector in the Middle East.

Within a few months it became apparent to me that my personal tax situation was going to be a problem – and would become more of a problem the longer I left it unaddressed.

I was given lots of unqualified and to some extent contradictory “advice” and it soon became apparent that 80% of the security management team were in the same situation!:

We were all unaware of correct procedures…
We didn’t know of the potential consequences…
We were all were hoping for the problem to somehow “go away” on its own…

That year I had the pleasure of receiving my first ever tax return (which I discarded) – this was inevitably followed, some months later, by a fine from the tax office…

Nicola, my partner, put me straight and because of her doing so I was rewarded with a substantial refund (and huge peace of mind).

It wasn’t long before more members of the team were making enquiries, which Nicola sorted out.

And that is why we started the business…..

~ Paul Thomas

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We currently provide accountancy services to a large client database drawn from expatriates operating in the Middle East and around the world and we would love to help you out too.

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